The BANAAN Algorand token was minted on October the 24th 2021 it has asset ID: 382781470

There are a total of one trillion (1,000,000,000,000)tokens available, at least 80 percent will be airdropped in the coming years signup for our latest Aidrop by providing liquidity


BANAAN Was firstly and foremostly created for fun. Who wouldnt like to have his own crypto with a funny name and some randomnes. When whe first created the BANAAN ALGO  pool on tinyman PEope actually started buying and showing interest which spaked inspiration to actuall give a purpose to BANAAN.

We are  in very early stages of  setting up goals and finding ways to achieve those goals. You may support us in buying, hodling  or joining the pool. Stay tuned for future updates

Our OG about text below


Why another memetype shitcoinlike standard asset on algorand? Because we can!