TINYMAN V1.1 BANAAN-ALGO liquidity holders AIRDROP

Tinyman has risen once more! We have created two pools and the community already created a lot more. We thank you all for hanging in there and for providing liquidity so far.

Current liquidity owners are already rewarded with a little airdrop.

Upcoming weekend we will take a snapshot off all wallets who are participatingin the new tinyman V1.1 BANAAN-ALGO pool. and every single one of them can expect a little AIRDROP.

Please note we are currently just promoting the BANAAN-ALGO pool but we are planning to airdrop to other BANAAN liquidity pool participants in the future as well.

COME JOIN Us, the water is nice

You can add liquidity to the pool here

The more liquidity tokens you hold, the higher the airdrop!