BANAAN Airdrop christmas edition! and other news

So after a succesfully distributing over TWO BILLION of BANAAN in our second round of Airdrops, we hope you will all prepare for a special round of christmas Airdrops.

On boxing day or the day after (We do have a life..) We will distribute the following amounts to everybody who holds Tinyman BANAAN ALGO liquidity pool tokens.

You will receive 4.200.069 BANAAN if you have between 10 and 50 pool tokens.

You will receive 6.900.420 BANAAN If you have more than 50 Pool tokens.

The top 10 hodlers will receive a BONUS award on top of the above mentioned amounts.

Other news about BANAAN

We are currently investigating the possibillities to lock up our own liquidity pool tokens on to build trust with the community. We actually already locked 500 million BANAAN Untill 31-12-2022 for testing purposes. We might actually lock about half of all BANAAN minted to build trust.


We finally created a reddit user called /u/BANAANBoss and are planning to post some more on reddit in the near future.


While BANAAN was created purely for shits and giggles we are now making plans to actually do something usefull with it. The whitepaper is still in alpha phase and please keep in mind we are slow AF. dont come nagging


Stay healthy, stay safe, Enjoy life and Merry Christmas to everybody!

Stay tuned